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Featured Events

Opening Cultural Borders with Translation: Ten Years of Open Letter Books
Monday, October 22

This exhibit commemorates and celebrates the tenth anniversary of the University of Rochester’s Open Letter Books and the transfer of its archive to the...

URMC Employee Flu Vaccination Clinic: Café 601
Monday, October 22

Employee Health is hosting this flu vaccination clinic for University of Rochester Medical Center faculty, staff, students and volunteers—helping to protect...

Biology Donut Talk
Monday, October 22

Dr. Lathiena Manning, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill -- “The interplay between cytoskeletal and adhesion molecules in shaping epithelial tissue...

Improving Well-Being and Reducing Burnout Among  Health Care Workers: National/State/Local and URMC Update
Monday, October 22

This session will address national and state level efforts to improve wellness, modeling ways to decrease stigma, and paving the way for getting help, and...

Microbiology and Immunology Seminar: Microbes and Cytokines Regulating Tumor Elicited Inflammation
Monday, October 22

Sergei Grivennikov, Ph.D.Assistant Professor, Lewis Katz School of Medicine Temple Health, Fox Chase Cancer Center will present “Microbes and Cytokines...

Transitioning Into Retirement Support Group
Monday, October 22

What is the greatest thing about a new voyage in life-after-work? You get to write your own ticket! However, you do not have to do it alone. Led by a...

Retiree Benefits Webinar
Monday, October 22

Are you thinking about retiring in the near future? Then join the Office of Total Rewards in an Informational Webinar, where we will be going over topics...

Wilmot Cancer Institute: Healing Qigong for Cancer Patients & Survivors
Monday, October 22

Practicing qigong has been proven to improve mood, sleep quality and anxiety, as well as enhance the functioning of the immune system. Qigong can also help...

Optics Colloquium: Easier-to-Build Optical Designs
Monday, October 22

Brian Bauman, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Better, cheaper, and easier-to-build optical designs through tolerance-informed...

Chemistry Inorganic Seminar:  Joel Rosenthal
Monday, October 22

Professor Joel Rosenthal, University of Delaware