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Featured Events

Toy Donations for Children with Special Needs
Tuesday, December 12

The ability to activate and use a toy can be a great incentive for children with special needs to develop other skills. However, there is an acute shortage...

Student Exhibition: Life After the Wizard Barn
Tuesday, December 12

Featuring work by senior seminar and independent studies students. Opening reception 6-8pm, Thursday, December 7th.

Red Cross Blood Drive
Tuesday, December 12

Please help support our local Red Cross and ensure they can continue to supply us—the largest consumer in the region—with a resource that’s critical to our...

Health Bites Seminar: Mindfulness and Meditation
Tuesday, December 12

Learn about the benefits of meditation and learn how to meditate at a seminar. The session will be led by Estalyn Walcoff, who teaches meditation at the...

Transgender and LGB Patients: Addressing Disparities and Health Care Needs
Tuesday, December 12

Speaker: John Cullen, director of diversity and inclusion for the Clinical and Translation Science Institute at the University, and assistant director of the...

Tuesday Pipes
Tuesday, December 12

25-minutes organ concert by Jacob Fuhrman, Meg Cutting, and Joshua Ehlebracht. This concert is free and open to the public.

 Language Center: Conversation Hours (Italian)
Tuesday, December 12

Are you interested in a chance to talk in a foreign language or to speak your mother language with other people? The Language Center offers Conversation...

International Literature and Translation Reception
Tuesday, December 12

The Literary Arts Programs and the Humanities Center are hosting a reception to celebrate international literature and translation at the UR. Refreshments...

Opening Reception: Turning a Waiting Room into a Welcoming Room
Tuesday, December 12

Introductory Painting students have partnered with Jordan Health Centers across Rochester to transform patient waiting spaces into art gallery experiences....

School of Nursing Open House: Master's & Doctoral Programs
Tuesday, December 12

The School of Nursing Open House events are a great opportunity to learn more about our academic programs and talk directly with our esteemed...