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Featured Events

International Student Move-In Day
Monday, August 20

Welcome Class of 2022 and incoming Transfer students!

Exhibition: A Photographer’s Miscellany: A Potpourri of Images by Gerry Szymanski
Monday, August 20

Gerry Szymanski is a Rochester-based photographer, musician, and librarian. His work has been displayed in venues across Rochester, and his portraiture and...

Exhibition: Women in Arthurian Legend - Creators and Characters
Monday, August 20

This exhibit, designed by first-year student Claire Harte, uses Robbins Library materials to explore how the Arthurian myth has been a medium for both...

Transitioning Into Retirement Support Group
Monday, August 20

What is the greatest thing about a new voyage in life-after-work? You get to write your own ticket! However, you do not have to do it alone. Led by a...

Wilmot Cancer Institute: Healing Qigong for Cancer Patients & Survivors
Monday, August 20

Practicing qigong has been proven to improve mood, sleep quality and anxiety, as well as enhance the functioning of the immune system. Qigong can also help...

Exhibition: Over Here, Over There - Student-Soldiers at the University, 1850-1980
Tuesday, August 21

2018 marks the centennial of the end of the first World War. Almost 900 University students, alumni, alumnae, faculty, and staff participated in it, marching...

Department of Medicine Grand Rounds
Tuesday, August 21

"Data and Safety Monitoring Boards", presented by Charles Lowenstein, MD, Paul N. Yu Professor in Cardiology, Professor of Medicine, Chief, Division of...

Tuesday Pipes
Tuesday, August 21

25-minute organ concert

Well-U: Guided Relaxation
Tuesday, August 21

Press pause in the middle of a busy workday to better manage your day. Join Well-U as we take you through a guided relaxation session for 30 minutes during...

Roc City Sicklers Advocate Support Group
Tuesday, August 21

The ROC City Sicklers: A close-knit family-oriented, Advocacy Group for Children and Families living with Sickle Cell Disease. Our goal is to break down...