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What is the secret of an individual's creative artistic expression? How does an individual engage in creative artistic expression? What are the inner workings of this creative artistic expression? Is this creative artistic expression controllable? Can this creative artistic expression be interdisciplinary? Does this creative artistic expression apply to every ordinary person? This case study aims to explore how an individual use the identity, creativity, and creative thinking to successfully express artistically in creative art design activities and projects. The theoretical framework of this research is based on Kaufman's creative metacognitive theory-CMC (Kaufman & Beghetto, 2013) and uses this theory to meta cognize and qualitatively analyze the case in this study. Through this case study, it is confirmed that an individual’s creative metacognition model on successful creative artistic expression and potential development through applying one’s own identity, potential, and creativity to carry out artistic conception, creation, and practice.

The significance of this study lies in several aspects. First, this research can reveal the secrets of an individual creative artistic expression to individuals who want to know more about their creative thinking and artistic expression and encourage individuals to develop their own potential to make creation and artist expressions in their own lives. Moreover, through this case study, the meta-cognitive model of individual creativity and artistic creation is shown to researchers, scholars, leaders, instructors, students, and other relevant people in the field of creativity and art, to promote relevant people's comprehension, study, development, and practice of personal creativity and artistic creation.

Meina Liu: I am the current candidate of Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership. My research interest is the intersection of creativity with other elements (e.g., art, aesthetics, cognition, entrepreneurship, etc.). As an international female student, I was originally enlightened and nurtured with the art education by my parents in the process of my growth. I learned painting from my father and how to play electronic piano from my mom when I was a child. I am fond of all kinds of things with art, creativity, and design elements, including hand-made art crafts, creative painting, etc. I love to combine creativity with the art always. Even though I am learning Education instead of Art, creativity and Art is in my blood and mind. I am always full of passion to be creative in an artistic expression. Therefore, I try my best to combine creativity, art, and education together in my academic path.

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