This seminar presented by Public Health Sciences will be an introduction to the nature of particle sizes and behavior in the atmosphere and the respiratory tract including the evidence for aerosol transmission of COVID-19. Additionally the mechanisms of airborne particle filtration and the efficacy of masks will be discussed. The presenter of this timely topic will be Dr. Phil Hopke, faculty in Public Health Sciences and Emeritus Professor from Clarkson University. He is an atmospheric and aerosol scientist who has been studying airborne particles for more than 50 years. He was one of the 239 signatories of the letter to the WHO suggesting the urgent need to consider aerosol transmission of COVID-19.

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Join the seminar via Zoom, Meeting ID: 951 2936 2763

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Excellent content elegantly presented to basically a lay audience

I joined late and want to revisit the recording once posted. What I did hear was great! Very informative...maybe a tad bit technical for me, but will take more time to review what is posted to absorb it better. Thanks for providing this information. There is a lot of misinformation out there and having experts talk on the topic is helpful.

Thanks for a very thoughtful presentation on the topic.