ARTs + Change Virtual Conference

This virtual (EST) gathering is hosted by the University of Rochester Institute for the Performing Arts, in partnership with the University of Rochester Office of Equity and Inclusion, the Paul J. Burgett Intercultural Center, Eastman Institute for Music Leadership, the 540WMain, Inc., Create A Space Now, and Rochester Fringe Festival, will provide opportunities for artists of all disciplines, educators, community members, and community organizations to come together to create, share work and ideas, present research, and propose collaborations.

We invite participants to learn from one another while considering how the arts play a pivotal role in promoting justice, equity, and citizenship. Through the sharing of work, participatory workshops, panel discussions, research presentations, curriculum design, guided discussions, and more, participants will come together to listen, to consider, to share, and to act.

While we have encouraged every presenter to make every effort to create safe and brave spaces, we would like to encourage you to attend these sessions in the way that you need to attend. While we know that discomfort allows for growth, we would like to remind you that you have agency to make decisions that keep you safe as we embark on potentially difficult content and discussions. As we are all here to learn and grow, we welcome you to challenge ideas, but ask you to agree to challenge the idea and not the person. We also want to remind you that individual presenter views do not necessarily represent the official ideas or beliefs of the University of Rochester, the Institute for the Performing Arts, or its partners.

A confirmation email will be sent upon registration. Check your spam folder, if you haven't received. To ensure accessibility, the conference is free of charge. A suggested $10 donation to register for those who are able.

Poster art courtesy of George Muiruri

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