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Friday, October 8, 2021 11:00am to 12:00pm

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Speaker(s): Apurv Jain, Ajinkya Deshmukh '20 MS, and Stephen Gass, MS Candidate

About Apurv Jain: Apurv is passionate about combining his finance and Big Data expertise for social and commercial impact. Previously he founded and led alternative data based investing efforts at Microsoft for 5 years with a team of ten researchers, data engineers, and traders. His finance experience includes managing a $3B credit portfolio at MSFT, a senior research role at Bridgewater, and options trading at Deutsche Bank. His research roles were at Microsoft Research and Harvard Business School, and he has published academic papers in top journals on using Big Data. He is an advisor to the Financial Data Professional Institute (FDPI) and regularly speaks at conferences. 

About Ajinkya Deshmukh '20 MS: Ajinkya has a bachelor's degree in computer engineering from Pune Institute of Computer Technology, and a master of science in data science from the University of Rochester. During his time at the Rochester, Ajinkya was a tutor for the Simon School, and a teaching assistant for DSCC475: Time Series Analysis, with Professor Ajay Anand. He also completed a summer internship for CuraCall Inc., where he designed and built a data warehouse to generate analytical reports.  He secured a job as a data engineer and researcher at MacroXStudio after graduation.

About MacroXStudio: We are dreamers: an early stage fintech startup based in Silicon Valley with a subsidiary in Toronto, Canada. Our mantra is to use Big Data and AI to “Know Faster and Invest Better.” Better returns are not just more retirement income for our investors but also meaningful social change. Specifically, we are measuring the world macroeconomy faster and better using thousands of new data sources like twitter, search, credit card, satellite data etc., rather than the incomplete, months delayed, slow, and frequently revised Government data. For example, even many advanced countries are struggling to quantify the impact of COVID-19 on unemployment rate  (Next US Jobs Report Set to Be Even More Confusing, Bloomberg) and countries like India are using private think tanks to measure unemployment since there is no government data. You can help MacroX change this!

Unique commercial and social mission: In addition to providing superior returns to institutional clients, we will provide free access to our cleaned data to relevant supra-national bodies like the UN to help make better social decisions.

Join us to hear more about opportunities at MacroXStudio, and the MacroX team's career paths, work projects and tips for a career in data science.

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