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Alex Clark (he/him) has always loved data, some Friday nights are spent in front of a computer coding away on a personal data project, usually involving some sort of sports-related data. Alex holds a masters degree in applied data science from St. John Fisher University and has turned this love of data into a career. Alex has worked in many fields throughout his career; starting out in accounting, working for a marketing firm, and he is now working at the cutting edge of healthcare data analytics with the UR Health Lab as their Senior Data Analyst. In this role, Alex works primarily with clinicians from the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and uses data to help improve clinicians’ decision-making as well as improve patient care. He uses a myriad of tools to help achieve solutions that work from end to end of the data process.

The UR Health Lab is a hub for tech-enabled healthcare impact. As a collective, team members from across the institution (both the medical center and university sides) work with external partners, such as companies, other health systems, and higher ed institutions. Among the folks on our team, we have expertise in clinical care, data analytics, software engineering, education, business, and more. Each project that goes through the Lab touches multiple disciplines, allowing us to develop solutions that improve the lives of those involved. In terms of impact, all of what we do affects patients; they remain top of mind throughout our research and development. We also try to positively impact the folks that work with us, as well as the broader health system and our community.

Join us to hear about Alex's career path, his work projects, and his tips for a career in data science.

Sponsored by the Goergen Institute for Data Science and the UR Undergraduate Data Science Council

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