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Chemistry Inorganic/Physical Seminar Joint w/Materials Science Program: Autschbach

Jochen Autschbach, University at Buffalo, "Spectroscopy 'in Silico',".  Our research focuses on the computation of molecular properties that are important in many areas of chemistry and other physical sciences. These properties are obtained when considering how a molecule interacts with electric and magnetic fields, for example, or when considering what happens to the electronic structure when the atoms in a molecule vibrate. We study a variety of inorganic and organic molecules, nanotubes, metal nanoclusters, fullerenes as well as models for systems that are of importance in biochemistry and materials science. Further, we develop theoretical methods and computer programs for such computations. These methods are applicable to molecules that contain atoms from the whole periodic table. We are collaborating with several research groups around the world.


Monday, February 24 at 4:00pm to 5:00pm

Hutchison Hall, 473
Hutchison Hall, Rochester, NY

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Lectures and Talks


General Public, Faculty, Students, Staff

Department of Chemistry
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