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Information-thermodynamics in quantum stochastic processes

We never see quantum systems. All we can do is measure them, resulting a 
bitstring of random outcomes which we use to try to learn about the 
system in question. In this talk I will discuss recent advances in 
characterizing the thermodynamics of quantum systems from the stochastic 
measurement records. First, I will show how the measurement backaction, 
the fundamental feature distinguishing quantum and classical systems, 
imposes strict trade-offs in how we can learn about thermodynamics. I 
will also discuss the consequences that this has for quantum sensing of 
thermodynamic currents. In particular, I will discuss recent results 
that establish trade-offs between precision and dissipation, and show 
how quantum coherence can help overcome it.



Gabriel T. Landi is a Associate Professor of Physics at the University of Rochester.

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