Currently, Monroe County is facing many challenges regarding social determinants of health. Some existed long before COVID. The pandemic highlighted those – but also exacerbated others. Family violence is an issue that has received great national attention in the face of COVID, with some agencies reporting an increase in calls for service. However, what has not been discussed as widely is survivor resilience, post-traumatic growth and how everyone can help change the landscape relative to violence prevention. We will discuss three perspectives on how to respond to family violence.

Dr. Cerulli will act as moderator and introduce the topic. Ms. ReQua will provide an overview of how survivors collaborated to help create HEAL and SAFER, two entities that provide energy to respond and reduce intimate partner violence. Dr. Poleshuck will describe the clinical aspects of HEAL – a one-of-a kind medical-law partnership, and how it has offered survivors coordinated care to improve their mental and physical health. Dr. Cerulli will close out the panel with a brief discussion of policy to practice highlighting the essential reauthorization of VAWA, vital legislation that helps our nation respond to violence.

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