When you think about winter, what do you think? In this webinar, we hope to give you new perspective on winter. We will discuss a few key strategies to maintain your health through the winter months, while still enjoying yourself. Explore topics including nourishing yourself with things other than food, accepting and working with the stillness of winter, how to eat well in winter to keep your immune system flourishing and to satisfy that heartier winter appetite, and how to use coziness to keep yourself emotionally well.

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I enjoyed the presentation. Took away a lot of good ideas for helping the winter go by and enjoy it

The presenter was enthusiastic and inspiring! I made a list of all the things I want to try over the winter. I found this webinar to be energizing. Also, her slides were good, and her highlighting of them during the presentation made the whole thing seem more exciting. Great job!

I was unable to attend until the very last five minutes. I had an unexpected Zoom meeting. Please provide more like this - I know they are appreicated

It was ok, I think it could be better

It was a good presentation. I learned a few new things and it also reminded me of what I need to do, and also not to be afraid of hiking in winter.