Have you published something you are especially proud or fond of? Would you like to make it freely available and more likely to have an impact on your discipline and other research? The University Libraries can help--even if you do not currently own the copyright! Leveraging self-archiving policies, your published work can become open access at no cost.

Drop by any time during our office hours this Open Access Week (Oct 19-23) to take a short consultation with a librarian. We will investigate your options and do our best to Free Your Paper. Can't make any of our sessions this week? Feel free to use this form and we can collaborate asynchronously: https://forms.gle/wYE8sck9RgYp77Hk7

Image caption: Radical OA Logo by Nickoal Eichmann-Kalwara.

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  • Ron Epp

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Use Zoom link to access. https://rochester.zoom.us/j/93744117699

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Awesome introduction to using self-archiving as a way to make published articles open access.