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A cross-disciplinary lecture that explores the relationship between music and health and the impact of music on mental and physical health at an individual and social levels. In light of recent neuroscientific research, we will discover the cognitive mechanisms of perception of music, the relationship between rhythm, movement and health, the brain mechanisms that link music, pleasure and emotion, and the many ways in which music improves our quality of life, leads to wellness, happiness and provides us a sense of purpose and meaning in life.

The perception of sound and music, one of the most intimate and personal human experiences, as deep as thought itself, has been key to the evolution of our species and it could also be key to creating an individual who is more conscious of themselves and their surroundings, an individual with a global ecological conscience.


Dr. Caicedo's interdisciplinary training as a musician, musicologist, and physician and her interest in technology led her to develop numerous creative projects and collaborations with artists and scientists worldwide. An example of this is her newest book: We are what we listen to: the impact of music on individual and social health.

Patricia holds a Ph.D. in musicology from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and a Medical Doctor’s degree from the Escuela Colombiana de Medicina.

Dr Caicedo's residency is supported by Eastman Performing Arts Medicine, the Eastman School of Music's Musiciology department, the Voice, Opera, and Vocal Coaching department, the George Walker Center for Equity and Inclusion in Music, and the Department of Health Humanities and Bioethics at the School of Medicine and Dentistry.

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