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Brian Bauman, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Better, cheaper, and easier-to-build optical designs through tolerance-informed optimization

This talk will describe a significant new advance in optical design:  an approach to optimizing as-built optical designs, i.e., to design systems so that they perform as well as possible when built, with realistic tolerances and compensation schemes incorporated into the optimization process.  Further, this approach involves very little extra computational load.  The talk will feature a description of the approach and some initial designs created by this method showing improved as-built performance.

The method uses insights from perturbed optical system theory (Nodal Aberration Theory) and reformulates perturbation of optical performance in terms of double Zernikes which are much faster computationally than tracing large sets of rays. A new theory of compensation using these double Zernikes allows the performance degradation of a perturbed and compensated optical system to be calculated analytically with a fast matrix multiplication using paraxial quantities rather than by iteration involving tracing large sets of rays.  Thus, no additional ray-tracing beyond that used in nominal design is required.

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