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Medallion Workshop: Is Queer a Bad Word? Do Ask, Do Tell!

This workshop has been CANCELLED due to a low number of RSVPs.

Hosted by: Colleen Raimond

Domain: Level 1, Civic Engagement

Description: This workshop will focus on the history of the word Queer. Discussion will occur surrounding the cultural meaning and differing meanings of the word, the use of the word queer, and the role it plays in society. Allyship will also be discussed as well as allyship's role in being a leader.

Learning Outcomes:
1) Students will gain comfort with the use of the word queer.
2) Students will gain an understanding of the use of the word within the LGTBQ community and its use in allyship.
3) Students will learn the importance of allyship's role in leadership.

College Competencies: Leadership, Teamwork

Friday, March 29, 2019 at 3:00pm to 4:00pm

Frederick Douglass Commons, Burgett Intercultural Center
500 Wilson Blvd Rochester, NY 14627

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