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Rossell Hope Robbins Library is excited to present a three-part series of talks by noted cartographic historian Chet Van Duzer. This is the second talk in the series.

“Title Pages, Frontispieces, and Title Cartouches: Reciprocal Influences and Differences" will examine cases of mutual influence, and also the ontological complications of title cartouches, following a brief look at the early history of title pages, frontispieces, and title cartouches.

Title pages and frontispieces (in books) and title cartouches (in maps) share important characteristics: both contain essential metadata about the object they describe and both often contain decoration that can indicate the meaning of the work as a whole and its author’s interests. Moreover, cartouches have often been used on the title pages and frontispieces of books, and imagery from title pages and frontispieces has been borrowed for the design of cartographic cartouches.

However, there are also essential differences between title pages and title cartouches that make them different genres. While title pages are part of the paratext of books, that is, text and decoration “beside” the main text, title cartouches occupy space on the map itself, and thus are epicartographic. The fact that cartouches always obscure part of the map raises interesting ontological issues that simply do not exist with title pages.

Please contact Anna Siebach-Larsen if accommodations are needed.

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