Hutchison Hall, Rochester, NY

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Join us for a distinguished lecture by Dr. Kwabena Bediako of UC Berkeley!

Abstract: Superlattice structures are a powerful means of tailoring physical and chemical properties of materials. The modification of electronic structures at electrode–electrolyte interfaces is fundamental to efficient electrochemical energy conversion processes, and the intercalation of magnetic ions between van der Waals layers tunes the correlated electronic phenomena in these quantum materials, enabling the encoding of information for ultra-fast, ultralow-power, and nonvolatile storage and retrieval.

This talk will first describe our work to understand the exotic physical properties of moiré superlattices of atomically thin crystals and leverage these materials to tailor interfacial electrochemistry. We will then explore how superlattices, which are produced by intercalation of layered materials, introduce magnetic properties that may enable the storage and retrieval of information at high density and ultralow power consumption.

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