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Mindfulness offers a unique embodied pathway to social justice by deepening our awareness and increasing our capacity to notice our inner world of thoughts. From this centered and grounded place, we can learn how to “sit with” emotions, and bodily sensations (embodiment) that may arise as we explore matters of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Mindfulness-based embodied practices help participants to bear witness to the presence of bias by seeing and accepting things as they are, non-judgmentally. This awareness promotes understanding about how implicit and explicit biases keeps us from the fullest sense of who we are and prevents us from embracing the Other and the wholeness of humanity we all share.

The selected mindfulness practices offer a practical experiential and safe method to begin to broaden awareness, to illuminate blind spots, and explore with compassion our own experiences and the experiences of others as it relates to DEI. By doing our collective inner work in community with others, we heal ourselves and heal our community. Based on the work by Rhonda Magee, this program will invite participants to join in several mindfulness practices (i.e. grounding & centering; self-compassion; compassion for others) to create a safe and inclusive setting for all participants. Followed by facilitated discussion and reflection. The session will end with a loving kindness meditation and a call to action to deepen awareness about DEI.

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Dr. Lisa Critchley provides mindfulness-based organizational and leadership strategy and coaching for public, private, and academic institutions to drive leadership and human capital excellence. Practice areas include mindfulness-based organization culture, presence-based leadership development and coaching, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), and human resources strategy. Lisa’s dissertation entitled, The Leader’s Mind Matters: The Effect of Mindful Leadership Development Programs on Leadership Effectiveness, Mindfulness, and Well-Being Among Global Manufacturing Leaders, earned the Exemplary Performance in Scholarship Award from St. John Fisher College. Her research focuses on the impact of mindfulness on leadership, employee, and organizational effectiveness and the relationship between leader mindfulness and student well-being and academic flourishing, and mindfulness as a pathway to social justice. Lisa’s career spans over 30 years leading the human resources profession across diverse business sectors. Her infectious enthusiasm and positive energy ignites minds, engages hearts, and transforms people and organizations. Inspiring mindfulness one breath at a time!

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