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An exhibit and international conference on Peruvian artist Ricardo Wiesse, whose visual and literary works draw on archaeology and indigenous cultures in Peru.  


9:00     Coffee

9:30     Donatella Stocchi-Perucchio, Welcome

9:45     Ricardo Wiesse, Artist’s Remarks

10:30   Luis Alfredo Agusti Pacheco Benavides, “Two Languages for One Same Inquiry: Abstraction and Figuration in Ricardo Wiesse’s Work”

11:00   Alessandra Baroni, “Harmonious Tangles: The Work of Ricardo Wiesse and the Ancient Cartography of the Nuevo Mundo” 

11:30–12:00    Coffee Break

12:00   Carlos Gatti, “Le sabbie del tempo:  Giuseppe Ungaretti e Ricardo Wiesse” (with English


12:45–1:15 Discussion

1:15–3:00 Lunch Break

3:00     Clarence Sheffield, “Archeology in Paint: Ricardo Wiesse and the Genius Loci of Pachacámac”

3:30     Jorge Wiesse, “The Weaving of Memory: Notes on Ricardo Wiesse's Prose”

4:00–4:30        Discussion

4:30–5:00        Coffee Break

5:00–6:00        Round Table and Concluding Remarks:


Curt Cadorette, Renato Perucchio, Luisa Maria Rojas-Rimachi, Donatella Stocchi-Perucchio
Donatella Stocchi-Perucchio, Italian, University of Rochester and University of the Pacific, Lima, Peru

Conference Director

Luis Alfredo Agusti Pacheco Benavides, Peruvian and Latin American Art, University of the Pacific, Lima, Peru

Alessandra Baroni, Fraternita dei Laici, Arezzo, Italy

Curt Cadorette, Catholic Studies—University of Rochester

Carlos Gatti, World Literature, University of the Pacific, Lima, Peru

Renato Perucchio, Mechanical Engineering and Archaeology, Technology, & Historical Structures, University of Rochester

Luisa Maria Rojas-Rimachi, Spanish, University of Rochester and Alumna of the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, Lima

Clarence Sheffield, Art and Art History, Rochester Institute of Technology

Jorge Wiesse, World Literature, University of the Pacific, Lima, Peru

Ricardo Wiesse, Artist and Writer, Lima, Peru

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