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Malcolm Carroll, Sandia National Laboratory. "Donor quantum-dot coupled qubits". 

Abstract: There are numerous efforts to develop quantum bits (qubits) for quantum computing.  Silicon is recognized as an appealing material system because, for example, it offers a low decoherence environment for spin qubits combined with its historical foundation in device and computer chip fabrication.  Donors in silicon have been proposed as qubits and the combination of the electron and nucleus introduce a rich variety of qubit device architectural ideas as indicated in the literature.  Donor qubits also promise very high fidelity operation, uniformity (i.e., every donor is the same) and extraordinarily well protected idle/memory (i.e., nuclear spins).  However, placement, read-out and coherent control of single donors has been notoriously challenging.  To date, it has been demonstrated in only two groups in the world, one of which is the Sandia National Lab quantum information, science and technology (QIST) group.  At this time a central question is how to couple donor-based-qubits.  Read more of the abstract online

Tea: 3:30pm, Bausch & Lomb Lobby
Talk: 3:45pm, Bausch & Lomb 106

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