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Daddy, Tata, 2022, 110 min., Poland, Ukraine

Directed by: Anna Maliszewska

Michał is a truck driver and the single father of Miśka. Long hours behind the wheel, loneliness and constantly being on the road are his everyday life. When he works, his Ukrainian neighbor takes care of his daughter. Her granddaughter Lenka and Miśka are inseparable. When the nanny dies suddenly, Michał takes the girls and goes back on the road, transporting a dead body to Ukraine. During this journey, Michał is forced to grow up fast as an active parent, decide what is most important to him and take responsibility for the future.

A Polish Ukrainian co-production developed before the Russian invasion, the film tackles some of the social history between the two nations as well as imagining what the future might be for their youth.

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