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The University community will march in the Roc Pride Parade!  


Do I have to pay to march in the parade?  No.  However, if you wish to attend the festival afterward, you will need to purchase tickets for $5.

What time is the line-up at South Ave. and Science Parkway? 9:30 -10:30am.  When you arrive, please ask organizers for more information about the exact location.  We will update when we have the number for our line-up slot.  Numbers should also be chalked on the sidewalk.

Where does the parade end?  It ends at the portion of Highland Park known as Beikirch Park (1440 South Avenue). 

Are there shuttles? Yes, there is a shuttle going from Rush-Rhees Library to the start of the parade.  The first shuttle leaves Rush-Rhees at 9:15am.  After 11am, shuttles will run from Highland Park to Rush-Rhees so that people can get from the Pride Festival at the end of the parade route to River Campus.  Shuttles run from 9:15am-6:00pm.  If you do not wish to march but want to be a spectator, you can also utilize the shuttles.

Is there free parking on River Campus during the times the shuttle is running?  Yes.  Library Lot is closest to Rush-Rhees, followed by Intercampus Lot.  Both of these are searchable on Google Maps.
Do I have to take the shuttle?
  No.  Please note that if you are driving over, the roads begin to close around the parade early, and you will have a long walk back to your car from the end of the parade.

Do we get shirts if we march?  Only if you did not get one last time we marched and you register by April 30, 2024.  Back in 2019, we made the decision to keep the same shirts every year for environmental and budgetary purposes.  If you marched and still have that tie-dye tank style shirt, please wear that and do not request an additional one (as it will not be a different style).  

Where do we pick up the shirts? There are options on the registration form.

When can we pick up the shirts? We will let you know the dates, times, and room once they arrive.

Can my family march?  Sure!  We do not offer children’s sizes in shirts.  Please limit the number of shirts you order for environmental and budgetary reasons.  You will need to register separately for each person who is marching AND needs a shirt.

Do I have to register?  Nope!  You can just show up.  However, you will not get a shirt.

Why are the shirts tank top style?  The weather on the day of the Pride Parade is almost always incredibly hot, so we have settled on this shirt style based on the feedback we have received over the past several years.  We are unable to do custom orders for different styles due to cost and logistics.  Please note that wearing this shirt is NOT required to march in the parade.

If you have questions about registration, please email Col Raimond (  For questions regarding the day of the event, please contact Saabi Campo ( and Suzannah Iadarola (

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