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Susan B. Anthony Institute: Works in Progress - Diversifying Diversity

June Hwang, Associate Professor of German

I have spent most of my career thus far avoiding explicitly talking or writing about my ethnic identity in any kind of professional context. I have let my name and appearance “speak” for me, taking advantage of the fact that few colleagues and students were willing to risk seeming unenlightened or worse still, racist, by broaching the topic directly. Yet I have become suspicious about my comfort with this silence. The advantages it confers upon me are contingent on a complicity with certain concepts of race, privilege, gender and intellectualism that course through the world around me, the institutions I work in and in my own relationship to my work. To give voice to my objections and critiques, I find that I also need to articulate in a more direct manner who I am and how my life experiences shape my understanding of the world. This decision has meant a radical rethinking of how I position myself in my work, and the current project is a series of experiments both in form and content that attempt to foreground questions of process, subjectivity and institutional expectations.

Friday, November 16, 2018 at 12:00pm to 1:00pm

Lattimore Hall, 540 (SBAI Conference Room)
Lattimore Hall, Rochester, NY 14627

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