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Come hear about colossal mistakes, failures, embarrassments and rejections from friends and professors at the first ever Screw Up Night!

There is no judgment tonight, only sharing and learning from each other’s screw ups! You can also sign up to become a speaker (details below).

For VOL I., we will be hosting Professors Benjamin Hafensteiner, Renato Perucchio and Stephanie Ashenfelder as our faculty speakers! 

We are hoping to cultivate an environment where people can talk about their screw ups freely, and embrace and learn from their failures to move forward to better ideas, projects, and lives. Also, there is nothing that stops us from having fun thinking about and sharing the ways in which we screwed up.

This will be a fun event, where each speaker has 3 to 8 minutes to share their stories of failure! There is no pressure to “keep it professional”, although we do want everyone to be respectful.

We will have snacks available for you during this event as well!

If you are interested in becoming a speaker, please fill out this form (https://goo.gl/forms/glU2rzY0bpfBBR8k1) , and/or contact Deniz Cengiz (denizcengiz@rochester.edu) for further information.

This event is inspired by Fuck Up Nights: https://fuckupnights.com/

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