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The Art of Wellness Is an interactive workshop that identifies art as a tool to maintain wellness by adopting art as a pathway to recovery from substance abuse disorder and or mental health challenges that can be applied to everyday living, advocacy, education, and awareness. This workshop integrates the principles of recovery with the power of creativity to increase wellbeing, enhance coping skills, to communicate deep-rooted trauma, create safe spaces for inner healing and share powerful stories of resiliency.

Alexia Jones celebrates 26 years in long term recovery the founder and Executive Director of R2ISE Inc. a nonprofit RCO (Recovery Community Organization) in Atlanta Georgia, holds a BFA in Dance from Florida State University, and an MBA from Phoenix University. She is a certified addiction empowerment specialist (CARES) and certified peer specialist (CPS) trainer of trainers for trauma informed care and currently studying to become a certified drum circle facilitator. She is passionate about her work with those in recovery from mental health challenges and/or drug addiction, by utilizing the arts and providing a safe place through R2ISE so that wellness can be maintained. She has performed nationally and internationally and choreographed at the university and professional level. Alexia is a movement engineer committed to helping others walk in recovery, restoration, inspiration, support, and empowerment. Alexia is committed to sharing the message that Art+Recovery=Freedom and bringing healing and hope to many through her artistic approach called the Beracha Method; a self-directed process that empowers peers to focus on their needs, stimulates recovery focused dialogue, builds collaborative relationships, and encourages connection with others to build a supportive recovery network. Alexia has worked with individuals, families, and children in recovery for 26 years. During her recovery journey she has written several plays that illustrate the process of recovery, utilizing the unique stories and artistic gifts of the individuals she passionately serves. Her artistic work includes "Chronicles of Hope” featuring recovering artists in a collaborative effort to share stories of hope throughout the state of Georgia. Alexia helps others connect, the mind, body, soul and spirit as well as advocate, educate and raise, awareness around the power of recovery. R2ISE Inc instills hope, transforms lives and highlights the strengths of participants so that wellness can be maintained. Art+Recovery=Freedom!

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