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Medallion Workshop: Toward a More Perfect Union: Social Responsibility and Justice

Please RSVP to this event to indicate you are going. Medallion Workshops with under 5 RSVP's by the Monday before the workshop may be cancelled.

Hosted by: Glenn Cerosaletti

Domain: Level 2, Interpersonal Competence

Description: Humans are social beings. Explore the nature of your relationships with others. What communities do you belong to? Who else is included in your communities? What responsibility do you have to ensure the welfare of others? How can you contribute to social justice? This workshop will prompt students to explore these concepts and questions, and challenge them to articulate a commitment to social responsibility and active citizenship.

Learning Outcomes:
1) Gain awareness of their relationship with others and their responsibility to ensure the well-being of others
2) Identify their responsibilities as members of the community and as global citizens
3) Be able to articulate the meaning of concepts of social responsibility and social justice
4) Gain awareness of opportunities to exercise social responsibility and civic engagement as UR students.
5) Gain sensitivity to the power dynamics inherent in human relationships
6) Gain an appreciation for the value of interdependence
7) Make a commitment to social responsibility and active citizenship consistent with their interests, assets, and talents.

Wednesday, April 17 at 5:00pm to 6:00pm

Frederick Douglass Commons, 401
500 Wilson Blvd Rochester, NY 14627

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