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Trauma-Informed Creative Practices (TICP) is for artists & educators who are interested in folding this methodology into their personal, artistic, and/or educational practices. Trauma-Informed Creative Practices is a human-centered approach to devising that takes into consideration the how and why behind the delivery of a creative process in addition to the content of it. TICP was created by Molly W. Schenck whose work has been centered on facilitating collaboratively devised performances around topics such as sexual violence and mental health for over a decade. TICP is a method of embracing curiosity while embedding compassion to cultivate brave and supportive spaces where learning and creativity can flourish. A key regular practice to this work is taking time to self-reflect on the responses or reactions that come up in spaces of creativity and learning. This practice will be embodied in this presentation. 

This presentation introduces the development and theoretical underpinnings of TICP, contextualizes it in our present moment, and discusses how to apply it in our future. In general, everything is an invitation. Participants can engage as much as they feel comfortable, in the ways that feel comfortable throughout the workshop. There will be time to reflect and ask questions built into the session, as well as moments to ground, center, and be present with ourselves. The workshop will be a combination of reflection, discussion, and lecture. Participants are encouraged to take hand-written notes and be prepared for some movement based practices.

Molly W. Schenck (MFA, MEd.) is a multi-hyphenated arts and somatic practitioner who is fascinated with human movement - whether that a social justice movement, individuals persisting through systems, or how a body moves through space and time. She is also interested in what interrupts the full expression of movement. This has guided the evolution of her studies and career path. She worked in higher education as an adjunct professor and administrator for ten years. She taught mind body and group fitness classes for twelve years. She specializes in the intersection of creativity and trauma and is the creator of Trauma-Informed Creative Practices. She is the founder of Grey Box Collective (an interdisciplinary, experimental, post-dramatic, trauma-informed arts organization that devises original performances around topics of social and emotional wellbeing i.e. makes weird art about tough stuff. For more information visit


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