Join the Goergen Institute for Data Science for the Tripods 2021 Careers in Data Science Lecture Series. The series brings undergraduate and graduate STEM students together with STEM PhDs who are working in Data Science. Each lecture will begin with a 20 minute presentation by a STEM PhD, followed by a question and answer session designed to give participants insight into working in the data science field, and the skills they need to successfully enter the industry.

11/15 Abstract: Greg Jones, Ph.D. received his doctorate in physics from Harvard University in 2006. He has been working as a buyer-side quant at an institutional mutual and hedge fund manager in Boston, MA. Join us to hear his perspective on the domain knowledge and skill set required to work in hedge fund management, along with tips on how to jumpstart your career in this field.

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Zoom Meeting ID: 573 239 4086

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